Multi-Pair Plus Program

Purchase two pairs of Essilor surfaced lenses and receive 50% OFF the least expensive pair. The Multi-Pair Plus program allows for a three month delay between the purchase of the first and second pair. 

Perfect Pair Program

Purchase a pair of Crizal Transitions lenses and receive a pair of Crizal Xperio sunglass lenses for FREE!

Essilor Junior Program (Replace your child’s lenses for FREE!)

  1. Should your child’s prescription change within 15 months of purchasing their glasses, Essilor will replace the lenses for FREE!
  2. Guarantee applies specifically to Essilor Junior lenses (thin, lite, shatter resistant lenses with Crizal UV anti-glare coating).

Eye See...Eye Learn

1. The Cousineau Eye Centre is a proud sponsor of the "Eye See...Eye Learn" Program. The program encourages families of junior kindergarten children to have a comprehensive eye examination covered by OHIP.

2. If junior kindergarten children require glasses, they will receive ONE PAIR FREE of charge (estimated $250 value). Glasses provided courtesy of Modern Optical, Plastic Plus and the Cousineau Eye Centre.