Contact Lens Fitting

What is involved?

During our contact lens consultations, Dr. Cousineau will discuss with you various lens options and ascertain your expectations. Considerations such as your lifestyle, leisure activities, and working environment will be made and then the appropriate measurements and necessary tests will be carried out before you are given professional advice on the most suitable lenses for you.

Once the best contact lens option has been determined, it will be assessed for its performance on the eye. If satisfactory, you will then be taught how to insert and remove the lenses before you are given trial contact lenses to wear.

New and existing contact lens wearers will be guided to best wear and care routines customized for them.

A follow up appointment will then be arranged to review your progress and to give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.

Regular contact lens rechecks are vital to ensure optimum vision, comfort and eye health are always maintained. The frequency of these checks will be recommended at the end of all appointments.

So if you would like to give contact lenses a try or even just want further information please contact us.

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