Humphries Visual Field Analyzer

The Humphrey visual field analyser is regarded as the standard in visual field analysis and is used in most clinics worldwide.

Your peripheral vision is measured using a visual field test. The test is painless and doesn’t require the use of eye drops. We position your head in a static position and flash lights on and off, you react by pressing a button each time you see a light. A mixture of bright and dim lights are used throughout the test. Each eye is tested individually and only takes around 5 minutes per eye. This is considered one of the most important tests in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma .

Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye conditions which damage the optic nerve. The nerve carries information from the light sensitive layer in your eye, the retina, to the brain where it is perceived as an image. The retina can be thought of as similar to the 'film' of a camera where light is focused. The information is then sent along the optic nerve.

The visual field test is just one part of the overall glaucoma evaluation. Many aspects of glaucoma would be missed if only visual fields were taken into account . Primiarly visual fields are used to assist us in diagnosing and monitoring for glaucomatous progression.

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